Just a few weeks away from your due date? Need help assembling a hospital bag? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got it sorted out for you. Get your partner and let’s get ready, cause your baby is on its’ way! You never know when exactly your baby is ready to pop, so it’s better to be prepared beforehand.

Here’s are some of hospital must-haves and may-want-to-haves that we’ve put together for both you and your little one.

Having Nursing Gear may make it easier for you if you’re breastfeeding. You could pack a nursing bra or camisole, lanolin and a nursing pillow. If you aren’t necessarily keen on packing nursing clothes just make sure that the ones you do pack are stretchy and offer easy access to your baby while you are lying down.

Clothing may help to keep you warm but other good options to have on hand are slippers and cozy socks. Hospitals tend to get chilly, and your feet can get cold easily, especially if you are walking around while laboring or are in an air conditioned room. Having comfortable slippers and socks act as the best feet warmers and provide support.

Some people add snacks to their hospital bag. However, it would be right to consult your doctor if you’re allowed to eat, before or after labor, and if so which snacks exactly. Who doesn’t want a good mouthful of yummy snacks?

While the hospital does provide mothers with extra-absorbent maxi-pads as well as disposable panties, some women prefer to bring their own. If you’re one of them don’t forget to add them to your hospital bag. Trust me, you’ll NEED them!

To make yourself more comfortable and relaxed you may want to add your own pillow, towels and washcloths to the bag. If you want towels and the comfort of your own pillow, make sure to have a colorful and distinguishable one so you can differentiate between the hospital and yours.

Lastly, add the essentials for your little one! Your baby won’t need too much at first – apart from sleeping and eating. They do however, need warmth, you, and a whole lot of diapers - which also means creams, lotions, powders and baby wipes while changing your baby. The hospitals usually provide blankets but you may choose to take your own. Make sure to plan according to the weather.

Depending on the weather you will need to add swaddle cloths, hats, socks and clothes to protect your baby’s delicate skin. You may even want to leave some extra room for added essentials and the paperwork for later on.

Be sure to stick to the essentials and you and your baby will have a happy, smooth delivery and return back home.

Capturing the priceless moments of newborn

When the baby changes everything

If you are particular about the moments you want to indulge in, you’re probably the parent who tends to plan out everything for your child way beforehand. You most probably love to focus on the tiniest details while preparing your little one’s wardrobe, room, along with their first stages of life. One way to really freeze the moment in time is a video or a photograph.

A shift of attention

These days your attention merely revolves around your child – their food, their frequent cries, changing them, caring for them. It’s a lot – we know. The funny thing however is that you realize the worth of those moments just after these days have passed. Currently, with too much happening around you find yourself in a constant hurry and therefore miss out on these core memories. The reason why you should take a moment to capture all that is around you is to cherish them later on. These are the priceless times you share with your child. This will turn into the bond you develop during this journey of parenthood. This is what will help both you and your child grow and learn, and later in life you will be able to look back on these as your fondest memories.

The innocence you can’t ignore

It’s times like these that you hold close to your heart. You watch your loved ones all excited to be part of such a vital occasion in your life. All of them wanting to be associated with the joy and love that your child has brought to your family. Everyone wants to see the child and attribute his/her features to someone in the family, the cousins and aunts ready with their cameras to capture the cutest pictures, and your child slowly learning to recognize the faces of those who he will soon learn to call “family”. It is a wholesome feeling!

The tiny details

It’s the tiniest details that you learn to appreciate, they become a part of the moments you never want to forget. It’s the little fingers moving to hide their face with their little palms, the cute pout while being asleep, the soft eye blinking smile, the morning stretches with their hands up in the air, the messy hair, the late sleepless nights, the loud cries, the smell of baby powder and all the cuddles. You start recognizing and appreciating smallest things. These are the days you’ll never forget.


It is said Forever is composed of NOWS and all parents who want to treasure those believe in living in those moments to the fullest while capturing them to revisit those memories in the future.

It is human nature to reminisce about the past. Pictures from the past would not only be reminiscent for you as a parent but also help refresh your child’s childhood memories. It is a reminder to them of the love you have for them in the moment that you captured the picture. It is a proof of growth, affection and some of your fondest memories.

This practice not only allows the child to know more about themselves but more about their extended family too if this is a passed down tradition in your family. Through this your child can get to know and see their grandparents, and other members of the family and the bond they shared

Today in a digital era everything is so handy, preserving memories are easier than ever. Save it for your child and for their generation.

The Uncommon Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy in Pakistani Women

We all know the most common and early signs of pregnancy include nausea, morning sickness, missing periods, increased urination and fatigue. However, there are other vital and slightly weird signs that are prevalent during some pregnancies. This may not be the case for all though, and not everyone will know about these, but we’re here to break it down for you.

The human body is a complex system, and is ever changing during pregnancy. Symptoms usually start showing after 2-3 weeks but some of them may be unnoticed and may seem odd for a few. For example, sudden Insomnia and a reduced sleep schedule may be a hinting towards a pregnancy. If you’re finding it difficult to sleep at night or you wake up during the night try to stay calm, and relax your body. Exercising and reducing your caffeine intake will help. Another form of restlessness that can happen during an unexpected pregnancy that goes unnoticed is Nasal Stuffiness and Nose Bleeds. Yes, you heard it right, nose bleeds!

Even though it may sound super strange, some women experience nasal stuffiness and nose bleeds early into pregnancy, especially in warm environments such as that of the majority of Pakistan. There isn’t anything to worry about though, it is completely normal, and usually takes place due to hormonal changes in the body. They can be treated at home, but if there is excessive loss of blood it is better to consult a doctor.

Acidity is also a common symptom. Feeling bloated, gassy or frequently burping even though you haven’t eaten a lot may be a result of pregnancy taking a toll on your gastrointestinal tract, therefore leading to gas. Your bowel movements become slower, thus resulting in slower intestinal functioning and difficulty passing stool, leading to constipation. You may want to get a pregnancy kit and get checked.

Constipation isn’t the last of your worries. Another sign to notice is the hormonal changes that affect the esophagus and the stomach. The stomach acids tend to leak into the esophagus, further causing heartburn.

If you have been experiencing such symptoms it is advised that you get tested, you may have a little human on their way!